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About KEAD Employment Promotion Research Development Vocational Competency Development Domestic & International Collaboration

vocational competency development

vocational competency development and training projects

skill encouragement projects

skill encouragement projects

The projects encourage skills development, improvement of social recognition and integration of the disabled to society through the Skills Competition for the Disabled. This provides the venue to showcase the superior abilities of the disabled in Korea to the world.

Discovering and Rewarding Technicians in a Region
Holding Regional Skills Competitions for the disabled
- Discovering technical human resources in each region by holding competitions in 17 cities among the provinces
- Searching directions of festival for both disabled participants and regional units

Holding the National Skills Competition for the Disabled
- Encouraging participation of Regional first-place winners per occupational type and discovering candidates for participation in international competitions

Searching for Vocational Skills of People with Serious Disabilities
Holding the Skills Competitions for the Mentally Retarded
- Holding competitions by zone, including capital areas, central areas, and the Yeongnam and Honam areas
- Vocational skills demonstrations and friendly programs for the mentally retarded and the developmentally disabled(autism)
- Searching for programs that collaborate with companies to support winners of various skills competitions

Enhancement of the Status of Korean Technicians in the World
Winning the World Skills Competition for the Disabled five times
Providing winners of international competitions with incentives to encourage them in perfecting their skills
Hosting the 8th International Abilympics in 2011

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