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About KEAD Employment Promotion Research Development Vocational Competency Development Domestic & International Collaboration

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assistive technological equipment support projects

assistive technological equipment wupport projects

The projects aim to enhance employment abilities and to expand employment opportunities of the disabled by providing related assistive technological services, including the development and support of assistive technological equipment required in the work life of the disabled.

Provision of Services with Assistive Technological Equipment
Providing services, such as consultation and evaluation of assistive technological equipment appropriate for individual disability features, by personally visiting the disabled working at business establishments
Providing consultation related to support and use of assistive technological equipments by personally visiting business establishments employing the disabled

Support of Assistive Technological Equipment Appropriate for Laborers with Disabilities
Support of commercial assistive technological equipment
Support of custom-made assistive technological equipment

Provision of Information on Assistive Technological Equipment
Providing various information, including product information and news, through the homepage
Experiencing and improving awareness of assistive technological equipment through operation of a permanent exhibition hall

Research and Development of Assistive Technology
Study on improvement of assistive technological services
Technical service for assistive technological equipment
- Conducting R&D centered on developing items and equipment desired by the majority of the disabled
Holding assistive technological seminar

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