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About KEAD Employment Promotion Research Development Vocational Competency Development Domestic & International Collaboration

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KEAD is a Korean Semi-government Disability Emplotment Services
Provider. Below is a list of related links to some of the organizations we
work with.

Korean Government Sites
  °‹ President's Office
  °‹ Ministry of Employment and Labor
  °‹ Ministry of Health and Welfare
  °‹ Ministry of Education
  °‹ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Affiliated Organizations Under the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  °‹ Korea Workers°Į Compensation & Welfare Service
  °‹ Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  °‹ Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
  °‹ Korea Employment Information Service
  °‹ Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
  °‹ Korea Polytechnics
  °‹ Korea University of Technology & Education
  °‹ Korea Elevator Safety Technology Institute

Related International Organizations
  °‹ Rehabilitation International
  °‹ International Abilympic Federation
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