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Korea-ILO Fellowship Program

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Although people with disabilities comprise a significant percentage of the world's poor, most have been excluded from the very experiences---social, educational and vocational---that could lead them out of poverty. More than half the world's disabled people---a total of 370 million---live in Asia and the Pacific Region. Of them, 238 million are of working age. In many countries, they are identified as among the poorest of the poor and are the most socially excluded and politically neglected group.

Consider the following figures. According to UN estimates, only 10 percent of disabled children attend primary school in this region. The unemployment rate of adults with disabilities is estimated to be between 50 to 80 percent. And, even in some of the most developed nations in the region, only small percentages of people with disabilities receive vocational training. Yet, we know that when disabled persons have access to education and vocational training, they can make productive workers and successful entrepreneurs.

the 1st program(20~24 june 2005)
tripartite training on employment promotion policy and administration of anemployment quota system and fund for people with disabilities
The 1st program particularly looks at the administration and implementation of quota and quota/levy systems, including the administration of rehabilitation funds and employer incentive measures. All the participating countries currently have or plan to initiate a quota system and have or have expressed an interest in exploring positive incentives to encourage hiring.

The major objective is to increase knowledge, awareness and skills related to the implementation of an employment quota system and other policy approaches to employment promotion for people with disabilities.

Participants are composed of two government representatives and one representative each from employers, workers and disability organizations from China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.

the 2st program(10 ~ 23 july 2005)
vocational training experts : skills development techniques and employment services for people with severe disabilities
The 2nd program discusses the barriers and needs of people with severe disabilities as well as techniques and approaches for addressing the challenges that trainers and officials face in assisting this special population. It includes a combination of training sessions, group discussions and field visits to Korean training institute.

The major objective is to increase knowledge, awareness and skills among vocational training experts related to specific training methods and techniques for enhancing the vocational and employability skills of people with severe disabilities.

Participants are composed of training instructors or vocational training experts from government or NGO vocational training institutions/programs. All nominated participants are expected to be technical experts, trainers or service implementers who have a direct impact on other training instructors, institutions or overall training programs.

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